Національний реєстр авторських масажних методик

National register of authorial massage techniques

Show Register Make known the own massage technique

Festival of authorial massage techniques

18 September 2019 р - 10.30 till 18.00 - Kyiv, IEC (Brovarsky avenue, 15) - open format at the largest exhibition InterCHARM-2019!

Each participant will receive a free registration
in the National register of authorial massage techniques

Certify the highest level of your SPA-salon, clinic, resort, educational institution, and your own qualifications
Demonstrate your own invention at the Festival of authorial massage techniques


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Face massage

Facial author's techniques and massage programs

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Body massage

A wide range of original author's massage techniques, including sports, aesthetic massage, etc

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Therapeutic massage and rehabilitation

Author's techniques designed to restore health

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Author's methods of SPA massage, bath procedures and hammam

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Register your own methodic in the National register of authorial massage techniques

Each participant of the Festival, which was selected and included in the short list, is provided with a certificate of registration, signed by the International Expert Board

The submitted application is considered by the International Expert Board. Successful passing of preliminary qualifying round and includement into short-list of the Festival gives the right to submit a methodic in the Festival show, followed by registration in the National Register

Electronic registration of the methodic presented at the Festival, and its publication on the official site of National register of authorial massage techniques promotes protection of copyright and wide acceptance of the technique by a professional community of Ukraine and abroad

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Rules of the Festival and terms of participation

The festival will be held in an open-air free zone within the XVIII International Beauty Industry Exhibition "InterCHARM 2019". The entrance of visitors to the Festival is free. Please get the invitation (with the opportunity to visit the InterCHARM-2019 exhibition) in the organizing committee

To participate the Festival, please apply stating information about your education, qualifications, professional experience, as well as description of the author's methodic (Ukrainian and English for Ukrainians / English only for foreigners). Send video presentation file (from 3 to 10 minutes) and wait for the conclusion of the International Expert Board. Applications for the Festival-2019 are accepted until August 25, 2019.

Usage of massagers, cosmetic and physiotherapy is allowed. Injection techniques are prohibited. Osteopathic techniques and hard manual therapy are beyond the scope of the Festival.

Criteria for the International Expert Board: Security. Innovation. Ergonomic. Regulations.

Participant's Questionnaire Terms for participants and partners

Selection to the shortlist of Festival

The International Expert Board carries out preliminary selection of participants according to the declared materials and gives the status of the participant

Procedure for displaying massage technique at the Festival: 5 minutes presentation + 50 minutes demonstration.

The festival will take place on the open space of the largest Ukrainian professional beauty exhibition InterCHARM-2019 in a comfortable environment of the International Exhibition Center (Kyiv, Brovarsky Prospekt, 15).

The show session at the Festival will help you as an author:

  • Promote your massage technique
  • Teach colleagues in Ukraine and abroad
  • Protect copyrights for your invention
Product Info

Advertising opportunities for spa, clinics, resorts and massage schools
The festival provides effective tools for the development of your business

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Advertising campaign

Build your professional reputation!

The festival provides advertising support on the basis of resources of information partners: Laboratoires INELDEA Ukraine, Union of Professional SPA, Resort & Wellness object of Ukraine, SPACE magazine, Intercharm Ukraine. Articles about your technique will be published in professional journals, websites and social networks

Your well thought-out advertising campaign will take place on the combined web resources, in the social and network communities of information partners, as well as in promotions and video channels

Advertising at the festival

The festival is one of the largest professional events in Ukraine

It attracts the attention of tens of thousands of specialists and consumers of high-quality massage services.

our banner at the Festival, advertising during the presentation of the participants and the possibility of distributing printed advertising and informational products in the Festival area will help the intramural and remote audiences to find out more about your level and your services.

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Help of Experts

Well-known international experts from several countries are taking part the Festival.

Use the opportunity to get advice from an expert on building your business

Develop on the basis of modern SPA-consulting and best practices from reputable experts of the International Expert Board, the Massage Academy INELDEA and the Union of Professional SPA, Resort & Wellness object of Ukraine


Improving your staff qualifications is a key factor of sustainable development

Take part in training seminars and educational events Academy of Massage INELDEA and the Union of Professional SPA, Resort & Wellness object of Ukraine

There are special conditions for salons and clinics of the Festival participants during the year

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Conditions of participation in the Festival

0 18.09.19
  • Photographing is allowed
  • Video - according to rules
  • Tickets on Hub of 19.09
  • Preferential transfer
  • (from 30 persons)
170 18.09.19
  • Applications are accepted
  • till 25 August 2019
  • Registration in the National
  • register of authorial
  • massage techniques
0 18.09.19
  • We invite you to visit
  • the Festival's
  • Blogging-zone.
  • Receive your special
  • offer just today!
Partner (for brands)
* *
  • * We design an individual
  • advertising strategy,
  • which effectively solves
  • Your specific tasks
  • in targeted audiences

For questions and additional information, please contact us!

Partner brands of the Festival of authorial massage techniques

Soyuz SPA
Фестиваль масажу МАСТ
SPA Academy

International Expert Board

Person Img

Antonio Ruggio

Director of ODM International School of Massage Switzerland ; Тhe executive director of the International Board of Massage Therapists

The author of the first federal exams for masseurs in Switzerland

Person Img

Ruta Stratkauskiene

Founder of the Massage School "Holistinis Aš" (Lithuania)

Developer of author's massage system "RS Holistic Massage"

Person Img

Daniel Nowozeniuk

World Championship Champion (International Massage Associations), European Massage Champion, UK Massage Champion

Founder of Mallorca Massage Academy (Mallorca)

Person Img

Peter Golovan

The 1st category doctor-therapist, a gastroenterologist, 38 years work experience. Specialization - reflexotherapy

Manual medicine since 1985. Member of the Dnipro Society of Manual Therapy. Teacher of soft manual and osteopathic techniques

Person Img

Ivan Badyin

Candidate of medical sciences, doctor-dermatovenereologist, rehabilitologist of the highest category

The author and co-author of more than 45 scientific works. Scientific specialization: stem cells. Author of the popular method of intraoral massage

Person Img

Alexander Moiseenko

Brand Coach of Laboratoires INELDEA. The owner and manager of "Aloha SPA" Kyiv salon

The first Ukrainian Champion in Classical and Spa Massage (2008). The author and the leading teacher of the Berber and Turkish spa hammam systems in Ukraine

Person Img

Oles Yerosov

Multiple nominee and prizewinner of Ukrainian championships in classical and SPA massage. Referee for Massage Spa Championships.

The developer of massage techniques with usage of Inari massagers

Special offer for companies

Make your brand a partner of the Festival!

Organizing Committee

Laboratoires INELDEA Ukraine - Academy of Massage INELDEA. Адреса: Povitroflotsky avenue,1, 03049 Kyiv

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